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A work in progress

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

creative juices flowing

after 2 days of hard labor, i am finally done w/ yahoo geocities page. i had fun trying out something alien to me. it was trial & error for a while but i eventually got the hang of it. who wouldn't w/ yahoo's user friendly page builder?

it is really amazing how people came up with the internet in the 1980's & how it came to be what it is now. it has made life easier for a lot of people. with just one click, you can find almost anything you need online, even a bf/gf for that matter as evidenced by the mushrooming number of online dating sites. search engines like google made building my page a piece of cake. from templates to cliparts and customized buttons, we can easily make our page personalized & unique, it doesn't matter if you know html or not.

i am really proud of what i have accomplished & i am sure that given time, i can still improve what i have done.

Posted by nikki:: 3/15/2005 06:49:00 PM



Wednesday, March 09, 2005


i really don't know why weddings always makes me want to cry. it must be the sight of the bride walking down the aisle to meet the man she will be promising to share her life with forever. having been brought up the Christian way (I dont't claim to be a very good girl though ;-) ) marriage for me is for keeps. so i think deciding to get married should not be just an overnight decision. one should also think not only of the person you are considering to marry but also your reasons for getting married.

i have read a lot of things about marriage - choosing the right partner and the secrets to a successful marriage. one such article that really left a mark in my mind says that if the person you are with at the moment is the one you want to be holding your hand when you bury your parents then he is the right person. pretty harsh words but reflecting on it, i guess what the writer means is that if you can see yourself sharing your life with that person in the future without doubts and hesitations and if being with this person will not leave you feeling an orpahn, alone and empty when your parents eventually die then you are with the right person.

another thing to think about is the reason for getting married. if only people get married for the right reasons then there won't be an escalating number of annulment cases for lawyers out there. but what is the correct reason to get married? some people marry for money, fame or power; some marry for companionship; some get married because they are expected to do so; some get married because they are afraid to grow old alone; some get married because of lust and some get married because they feel that they cannot live w/o their partner. however, one should also quantify what "cannot live w/o my partner" means. it may mean a lot of things to different people. i for one thinks that it means my life is not complete w/o him because he brings out the best in me & i bring out the best in him and if that is the case then everything will fall into place. it also means i would not just be marrying the man i love but i will be marrying my bestfriend too. by bestfriend, that would mean someone who i can be the real me with w/o the fear of being judged.

i guess choosing the right partner is actually half the battle won and getting married for the right reasons will surely win the war. so who needs any secret for a successful marriage? but then again, we are not living in an ideal world so we also must be flexible enough to bend the rules coz as they say, nobody is perfect!

Posted by nikki:: 3/09/2005 11:46:00 AM