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A work in progress

Monday, May 30, 2005

i saw a grand total of 1 patient today. not bad considering that i haven't really opened this other clinic yet. she wasn't a paying patient either but that's ok, it's a start (for word of mouth aka referrals) for me. she's such a cute baby, only 4 months but already taba-chingching so i couldn't resist playing w/ her. to her mom's delight, she responded to me immediately. the mom even said that she can't make her baby laugh like that at home. hmm....

after examining the baby, i couldn't find anything wrong w/ her. except for the fever and irritability, she's feeding well, nothing wrong w/ the bowel movement, no cough or colds. her tummy was full of air though so she might be having colic but that would not explain the 1 day fever. i requested for a urine exam (maybe a urinary infection can explain the fever) and gave something to relieve the colic then the daddy says "hindi po ba pilay?"

translated in english, it can mean someone who's lame or colloquially, referring to a sprain or strain or sometimes even a fracture. i have searched my ever reliable textbook and cannot find any reference to it. we hear our grandmothers saying all the time "ipahilot mo si baby, baka may pilay kaya nilalagnat". even my own mom says that they used to bring me to the hilot everytime i had fever when i was little. we doctors tend to catergorize this as old wive's tales. how could a mere 4 month old infant have a broken bone or develop sore muscles (strain) or have overstretched ligaments (sprain)? although babies have different patterns of motor development, at 4 months, a baby is expected to push w/ his feet when held erect and may roll over already. both of this actions would entail contraction of previously unused muscles. on the other hand, there may be a history of fall owing to the greater mobility of the baby, hence, a strain or a sprain is not impossible. a fracture though is an entirely different case because there may be child abuse already.

so the next time we get asked, hindi po ba pilay? don't think it is just old wive's tales because some of these tales does have scientific explanations. besides, if everything our grandmother says are just tales, they wouldn't have lived to tell us about it, right?

Posted by nikki:: 5/30/2005 08:27:00 PM




time and again, God has proven to me that when He closes a door, He does opens a window. lately, i have been troubled by a lot of things kasi ang daming nangyari sa buhay ko this past few months. maybe having more time on my hands to reflect on things is contributing in this turmoil. and then God made me discover BLOGGING.

as i have always been saying, i express myself better in the written language and having this blog is an outlet for me. it is an outlet for the stifling things going thru my mind. i always feel better after i write down my thoughts when i am sad; even when i have something to rejoice about, writing about it makes me twice as happy.

blogging allowed me to interact w/ special people who are inspiring me to strive harder. the experiences they are sharing in their blogs are teaching me things that i could never learn in any classroom. they also made me realize that there are people carrying heavier burdens than me so i have no right to whine all the time.

thanks to blogging, i now know what html is. blogging squeezed my creative juices. in my 8 months of blogging, i have gone thru 3 templates w/c i put together on my own. it makes me proud that i have learned something w/c is totally unrelated to what i have been trained for.

blogging also made me see that there is a big world out there waiting to be conquered, i would just have to be patient and brave.

higit sa lahat, salamat sa blogging kasi sa tagal kong naka-online, i have met a few interesting people (wink, wink!).

Posted by nikki:: 5/30/2005 01:47:00 AM



Sunday, May 29, 2005

bad hair day Posted by Hello

couldn't resist posting this! it seems that even shih tzu's have their bad hair days! hehehehe! but isn't he adorable? (maging stage ate na naman daw ba?)

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

entry # 2

kaka-depress! ewan ko ba, its like a cycle. ang gulo-gulo ng utak ko! i don't know where it begins nor where it ends. but i don't really want to think about it. basta alam ko, all this will pass!

syempre, nagbutas na naman ako ng upuan kanina. nakakalungkot pero sabi nga nila ganon daw talaga yon, mahirap mag-umpisa. unless siguro tumambay ako sa harap ng pintuan ng opd at mag-pirate ako ng mga pasyente. pero mahaba naman ang pasensya ko... as in hanggang next month? at least i will be assured of next month's rent once again kasi i am set to cover for a senior colleague while she goes to prague for a week in june. God really provides!

the best talaga mga friends ko, dami ko natututunang mga ka-kikayan! samahan ka ba naman sa derma at turuan ng mga kikay tips! kaya ayun, may mga sangkatutak na bagong ritwal na ako ngayon bago matulog. when it comes to anything about the face - from astringents to moisturizers to cheek blushes, idol ko talaga si beth. thanks frend sa pagsama. luv u!

in a few hours, it will be chaos here in our house again coz my titas, titos & cousins will be coming. finally, after a month, mabel will be going home! yipee!!! i know she had fun but there's no place like home. i know how it feels coz i was in the same situation last feb. in the meantime, i think i have to get some sleep kasi i will need lots of energy if i'm going out w/ them tomorrow.

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Friday, May 27, 2005


its starting to rain now and very soon, it will be school time once again. this will mean almost unbearable traffic again for roads leading to schools. this will likewise translate to tiredness for us drivers (not so much for me because my car is automatic).

time really flies so fast! in a month, half of 2005 will be over. if you ask me to evaluate the first 5 months of my 2005, i wouldn't know how. i have been taking it easy for the first time in my life and it feels good. i have time on my own hands and i can do whatever i want. a lot of times, i get depressed but that's life. we all have to learn to bounce back.

i don't know what the rest of the year will be like for me. i am not fond of having short term goals only long term ones. i am taking it one day at a time. i know God has something planned for me, i am just hoping that i will be wise enough to recognize it when it comes.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

malalim na naman ang gabi at napaka-init,
gaya ng dati, nandito na naman ako, nag-sesenti
senti nga ba ang tawag dito?
palagay ko hindi, naisip lang talaga kita ulit,

pinipilit kong maging matatag sa aking desisyon
dahil alam kong ito ang tama,
pero mahirap pala.

naisip ko lang, ako ba ang mali?
o ikaw?
hindi, TAYO ang mali!

malalim na naman ang gabi at napaka-init,
gaya ng dati, nami-miss na naman kita.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

today, i am reminded...

1.)that in some instances, love does conquer all.

-as in the case of mary kay & vili; them getting married after prison,
incarceration & lots of heartaches

2.)that even though it is hard to smile behind the tears, i can do it!

- :-D

3.)that indeed, friends were sent from heaven as angels w/o wings.

- thanks my pedia family! being w/ you never fails to make my day brighter

4.)that if there's a will, there's a way

- di ba tes? :-)

5.)that no matter how mad our parents are w/ us, they will not stay that way for long

- thanks to citibank!

6.)that it is never wrong to dream

- the AI finals will be tomorrow! whose dream would come true, bo or carrie?

7.)that besides your friends, you can always depend on your brother to promote you

- ~j~, thanks for listening to ~l~ "rave" about her ate. thank you too for
entrusting your baby to my care.

8.)that sadly, another chapter of my life is coming to a close.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

to my lolo

dear lolo,

it seems like it was only yesterday when we finally said goodbye to you. if i can only turn back the time, i would've spent more time with you then. i didn't know that it was the last time i would hold your hand, you were in so much pain, we didn't know why. i remember the last time i talked to you, i was pleading with you to let us insert a tube thru your nose so you can eat, you were so weak then but you still managed to say "no" but i promised you it wouldn't hurt and that i will be the one to do it but i guess it must have been very painful because you didn't cooperate with us. but then you ate a lot after that, we just didn't realize that it will be your last meal ever.

i know i promised you then that we will take care of lola so you don't have to worry about her. along the way towards the road of learning how to get on with our lives without you, we might have failed to carry out that promise. is that why you are visiting her? is this your way of telling us that we should take better care of lola? or is it because you're missing her there in heaven? i wish i can talk to you so that you can tell me what you want. i am not brave but i will try to be just for you.

don't worry, we will try to take better care of lola and we will visit you more often. but please do not take her from us yet. visit us anytime if you want but we want to see you smiling. we love and miss you so much lolo! until we meet again!

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Sunday, May 22, 2005


pagkatapos ng mahabang panahon, ako'y magpapaalam na sa'yo
hindi ko ito gusto pero kailangan na.
ayoko nang magkunwari na maayos ang lahat kung ang kapalit ay
ang aking patuloy na pagluha sa likuran.
kailangan ko nang matutunang tanggapin na hindi na mababago
ang lahat.
sana lang, sa aking muling paghinga, mabawasan na ang sakit na aking

Posted by nikki:: 5/22/2005 06:11:00 PM



Wednesday, May 18, 2005

taken at the del monte - araneta ave/C3 traffic light Posted by Hello

this is what i was talking about the other day... how can you expect the country to prosper when even simple traffic rules & regulations are not obeyed? take for example these 2 cars - blue revo & this white wallis taxi. they are supposedly going left towards araneta ave but the traffic light is red so what do they do? nag-counter flow sa opposite lane! just so they don't have to wait for the next light change. o galing di ba?

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Monday, May 16, 2005

red & pink tulips in korea Posted by Hello

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flowers blooming in korea Posted by Hello

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to jex

dear friend,

u'll never know how i was looking forward to being w/ u again. i really miss our residency days - our marathon walks from the hospital to lerma on our way home, our more than Php 20 worth of merienda, our search for comfort rooms and even the tongue-lashing we got from HB (remember? i don't think i ever got to say i'm sorry for that). i know i'm not an easy person to be with. i will forever be grateful to you during the time when i was "hopelessly in love", when everybody around me was saying i shouldn't stoop to that level, when nobody believed that i can really find happiness that way, you never once judged me nor discouraged me; you were just there to support me and had been happy for me because you knew i was happy.

i always feel light-hearted everytime i talk to you. you're always so broad-minded, always seeing the good in everyone, you give me a wider perspective on things that never fails to lift the weight i have on my shoulders. i know we don't talk that much anymore and i admit that sometimes it makes me sad but i understand that u have a different priority now. i just hope that you can find more time to be by yourself and that you won't forget your friends.

if what you predicted would come true, i know that one of the reasons that would make me think twice would be knowing that i would be leaving behind friends like you. but be rest assured that wherever i go, the memories of our times together will never be forgotten. what i am now is because of people like you who had been w/ me since the very beginning.

thank you dear friend for everything! it doesn't matter if we see each other again next week or next month or next year because i know that you'll always be there. we share a special bond that neither of us can explain and i hope it will stay that way even if we're both old & gray.

i had fun last saturday & i miss you already. i love you my friend and God bless!

Posted by nikki:: 5/16/2005 01:37:00 PM



Friday, May 13, 2005

study anyone?

i am not much into politics/economics but suffice it to say that i recent events are making me aware of what's going on. besides, it is also the fav topic at our dinner table nowadays, that w/ a lawyer brother & well read updated parents.

when i started driving about 3 years ago, my brother would always tease me that my car is never hungry of gasoline because my tank was always full. i would visit the gas station every 2 days, rarely, every other day filling my tank w/ gas worth Php 250. but now, i don't go out everyday but i still have to visit the gas station every 2 days because my Php 250 now is not even enough to pull my gas gauge to 3/4 - so now my car is always on a diet, even starvation at times. a study was also conducted by several groups & they came up w/ a unanimous result, i.e. more & more filipinos are getting poorer. the people who are very much makabayan will tell us, if only we stop graft & corruption, then we can be at par w/ our other asian neighbors. people in positions will do anything to pull down their collegues for their personal gains eventhough the other is doing a good job. their justification? human rights violation! in my opinion, they only way we can change our system is to drop an atomic bomb so that a new breed of people will rise. how can we expect to prosper if even the simple laws of traffic are not observed? if only i take pictures of all the private cars/PUVs who violate traffic rules & regulations, i think by now, kodak would already offer me a partnership. so pathetic you say? try driving thru the main thoroughfares in metro manila & you will see what i'm talking about. OR is it bec. the drivers of the wallis taxi, black nissan sentra, gray crv & several PUJs are all color blind? would anyone be interested in doing a study on that?

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Monday, May 09, 2005


"The soul couldn't have rainbows if the eyes didn't have tears."

-carla cassidy, will you give my mommy a baby?
we should all take comfort in these words. sometimes when we face trials, we only focus on what is infront of our eyes. we forget that God created rain but He also created rainbows. God bless us all!

Posted by nikki:: 5/09/2005 09:12:00 PM



Saturday, May 07, 2005


nakita ko ulit mga lumang emails mo,
hindi ko alam kung bakit hindi ko makuhang burahin sa inbox ko.
binasa ko ulit silang lahat at hindi ko mapigilang kiligin at ngumiti.

sa mga emails mo pa lang sa akin noon damang-dama ko na mahal mo ako.
naalala ko rin tuloy yung mga tawag mo, palagi tayong napapako sa telepono.
sabi nga nila dati, kapag nasira yung cellphone ko, sulit na sulit kasi over-used na.
minsan apat na oras pa tayo kung mag-usap, minsan naman sandali lang
pero tatlo o apat na beses isang araw naman.
at iba pa yung mga text messeges,
nakakatuwa nga eh kasi naiinis ka kapag nag-tetext ako ng maiksi,
ayaw mo din ng nag-chachat lang tayo kasi sabi mo you get frustrated kasi mabagal.
feeling ko noon lumalakad ako sa ulap!
at kahit pa pagod ako sa trabaho, basta madinig ko boses mo, buhay na ulit ako.
nakita ko din ulit mga litrato ninyo, ang kukyut ng mga pamangkin mo!

minsan naiisip ko.... bakit ganon?
how can something that felt so right turn out to be so wrong?
ewan.... hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa din alam ang sagot.

hindi na bale iyon.
gusto ko lang malaman mo na....

i miss you babes!

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

na-mimiss na naman kita....
isang linggo na ang nakakaraan mula nang nadinig ko ang boses mo.
isang linggo na ang nakakaraan mula nang huli akong nakabalita sa iyo.
parang hindi kumpleto ang linggo ko, parang may kulang....

ano na kayang nangyari sa'yo?
nagkakasakit ka kaya?
kumakain ka ba ng tama?
madami ka bang ginagawa?
nakukulitan ka na ba?

na-mimiss na naman kita....
sana bukas maalala mo na nandito pa rin ako, naghihintay....

Posted by nikki:: 5/05/2005 09:01:00 PM



Tuesday, May 03, 2005

it has been a crazy week for me both at work & at home. my 2 aunts & several of my cousins arrived from the province the other day here because my cousin ellabelle will be having her pharmacy internship in cainta. looking for a house for her & her friend to stay was quite a challenge. it was their first time to be away from their respective families & ellabelle being the only girl is of course very much doted upon so everything must be the best. but as i always say, you can't have everything so sometimes we have to learn how to compromise. the place they are staying is actually okay compared to others and it is just across the laboratory where they have to have their OJT, the people are all nice & helpful and most of all, they have the room all to themselves. it was like they were playing house... they have their own one burner stove, complete utensils/plates, lots of food, a sofa, beddings but lacks a tv set & radio.

i can just imagine the sadness my cousin must be going thru right now. she has never been completely on her own before. she goes to school at another town but she still goes home every weekend & her mom goes there every thursday and now she's suddenly hundreds of miles away from home. but as mabel said, this is a good thing so that she can learn how to be independent. i also know it was hard for my tita to leave her unica hija but sometimes we just have to learn how to let go. and like a good ate, i promised to look after them, visit them and bring them here at the house during weekends.

this i will do for a month. it would be quite a long drive but i'd do it for the love of my cuz...

Posted by nikki:: 5/03/2005 05:56:00 PM