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A work in progress

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The best things in life are FREE!

If you do not hear from me for 2 weeks, it means I didn't find any internet cafe nearby. I am leaving for Malaysia!

The invitation for this free holiday for me was given last May from my aunt (I wrote about her a couple of months ago) and uncle. This time last week, I am still not sure if this trip will push through or if I will be able to go with my aunt and cousin. Last Sunday, my uncle called up to say that his schedule is full at the moment so if we're going, we won't be able to go there until August 16. I was surprised to receive a call from my aunt the other day saying that we will be flying on Saturday. I have always believed that things go better if it is not planned, so, it will be Miri, Sarawak for me for the last 1/2 of July.

I will be missing my brother's birthday,Tricia's 11 month birthday and two other family gatherings while I am away but I am determined to have fun. Miri sounds interesting and it will be one great adventure for me.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

I want

I knew my favorite author has a new book coming out and I have been waiting for it to be available here in the Philippines. It has been 8 months now and I have yet to see a copy in my favorite neighborhood bookstore. I am even willing to go to Powerbooks Megamall if needed just to buy a copy but browsing through their website, no At First Sight available. Nicholas Sparks is again coming out with a new book (entitled Dear John) either in September or October, hindi ko pa nababasa yung At First Sight.

I want, I want, I want!!

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The People's Champ does it again

Despite doubts about his preparedness for this bout, Manny Pacquiao once again proved to us that he is indeed a CHAMPION!

Have a great week ahead everyone! I know I will. God bless!

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