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A work in progress

Friday, July 01, 2005

friend (frend), n. one showing esteem and affection

just like in everything i do, i always try to give it my all even when it comes to friendship. i treat my friends like family, i rejoice with them in every triumph, cry with them in every disappointment and fight with them in every battle (if i know they're right). i especially go out of my way to help a friend in need up to the point of spoiling them already. this is when i usually get in trouble - when i become too nice to my friends. last year, i was "stabbed" in the back by people who i thought were my friends just because they wanted power. a few weeks ago, i felt so bad because i expected too much from a friend, all because i missed being with them. then the other day, i felt so hurt because i learned that a friend was just a friend only when he is in trouble but not during victories. i also have people who are supposedly my close friends who would only remember me when their kids are sick.

i wonder, is this what progress has taught us - to be selfish monsters? are we so obsessed with getting ahead that we have forgotten how to appreciate a friend? have we forgotten how a simple "thank you" means more than a thousand "i'm sorry"?

everyday, when i pray, i always thank the Lord for the wonderful friends that He has been blessing me with (online/blogger friends included). throughout the years, i have collected treasures who have seen me mature and grow to who i am. some i still keep in touch with, some already virtually strangers to me now. i mourn all the friends i have lost along the way because i may have inadvertently thrown away a rare gem.

Posted by nikki:: 7/01/2005 08:22:00 PM